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About GlobeeMedia

GlobeeMedia is a French company specialized in traffic acquisition and dating comparators online worldwide. We allow advertisers to present their brands directly on our network of dating site comparators. We bring qualified non-incentive traffic from several different traffic sources such as SEA, SEO, native display, and social traffic.
Furthermore, we offer different sites for each country for serious and relaxed dating.
We therefore directly provide quality traffic so that each of your brands can find its qualified traffic.

Grow Your Part in Market

We are present in more than ten different countries.

Adapte to New Features

We adapt our traffic for desktop, mobile & tablet.

Get Much Better Results

Performance increasing every year

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Thanks to our many years of experience GlobeeMedia is able to provide solutions for your improve the visibility of your brand.

5 M+ Visits / year

We dedicate a large part of our resources to traffic optimization. Our network generates more than 30.000 leads per month, and it grows every year.

30K Leads / month
+20% COMPARED TO 2019

Globee Media intelligently and efficiently optimizes its traffic acquisition to stand out from the competition and guarantee our partners the best of our services.

Long-Term Partnership

Our biggest partners have worked with us from the start, and we are doing everything to preserve this partnership as much as possible and improve results year after year.

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If you are interested in becoming a GlobeeMedia partner to have your brands listed on our dating site comparator network, please use the contact form here.

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